About Alpha 7 Stock Trading Courses:

The Alpha 7 Trading Academy was created by professionals who have decades of combined experience in proprietary trading specializations including: Programming and automation of trading platforms; current and effective intraday trading strategies, Algorithmic trading strategy development; Risk-Management, academia and a diverse range of other trading-related products and services. Among the creators and founders of the Alpha 7 Trading Academy’s stock trading courses, are multiple private investment advisory firm and private-equity fund managers with in-depth industry-related experience and a passion for education. The result? A personalized and highly-effective educational organization specifically focused on providing its students the tools to consistently profit.

About Our Education:

With the assistance of Master Trader Jea Yu, (Bloomberg/Wiley) Alpha 7 moves theory to actual application by giving new students and experienced traders the ability to hone their trading risk-management skills through the most intensive and well-renowned online trading courses, available. Our stock trading courses were, expertly designed, developed & narrated by best-selling trading author,, Jea Yu and are consistently updated by our team to reflect changes in the current market. Jea Yu has, decades of profitable active participation in US Equities, Futures and Options Markets under his belt, has been voted Forbes Best of the Web for four consecutive years and has authored four best sellers through Wiley Trading and McGraw Hill. His latest book was released in July 2013 by financial publishing giants Bloomberg Press and John Wiley. As a result of the extremely high caliber students created by our intraday trader training program, the Alpha 7 offers a unique career, assistance program administered by well-renowned and highly-recognizable traders – identifying, each student’s unique personal needs and finding the right trading broker, private equity or proprietary trading firm through our vast network of partners.

The Alpha 7 Difference:

The cornerstone of Alpha 7’s Education are the methods developed and taught by Jea Yu, but what really sets us apart from the pack is a personalized commitment to our students. Big classrooms do not take into account the specific needs of individual students and don’t provide individual attention. We don’t subscribe to the one size fits many approach and we don’t expect you to either. During the course of their education, our students have the unique opportunity to solidify and clarify the concepts they learned during their included one-on-one sessions.


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Jea Yu's Trading Training Programs



Doron Yoets – Master Trader and Education Specialist
Doron’s passion for the markets can only be rivaled by his passion for education. Doron brings his commitment to education and years of trading firm experience to Alpha 7. Doron has developed and implemented complex trading algorithms (Yes, the evil Algo’s you’ve heard about) and has years of successful experience as an intra-day trader and fund manager under his belt. Doron also manages the Chatroom and enjoys guiding students in their One on One coaching sessions.

Ed Gitlin

Ed Gitlin – Managing Partner / Business and Trader DevelopmentEd is Alpha 7’s Managing Partner and in charge of Trader Development. His experience in the world of Finance and commitment to his students is unrivaled. Ed operated a privately owned New York based Hedge Fund. Ed also has experience developing strategic algorithms for high frequency trading and has managed professional traders and a staff of Risk Managers, Mathematicians, Physicists and Computer Programmers. Ed, is uniquely gifted to developing profitable traders through the Alpha 7 Education.

Jea Yu

Jea Yu – Master Trader and Education SpecialistJea is a best-selling author and the developer of the Alpha 7 Methods and Online Trading Courses. Jea has taught many retail and institutional traders how to navigate and trade the markets. Jea has been published by Bloomberg Press, Mcgraw and Wiley, and has been voted Forbes Best of Web, four times.