How long does it take to see progress?

Our program will get you ready in less than 30 days. Within 21 days you will be able to execute your first trade and see results. However, we would suggest that you should spend a bit more time to get  acclimated to the markets to make sure you are confident and to minimize mistakes.

Is this program good for anyone?

Yes, this program is great for people that have absolutely no knowledge of the market. The 21-day curriculum is designed around beginners and is laid out in a very easy to understand format. Alpha7  is great for experienced traders as well. Alpha 7 had designed the curriculum that it layers on top of the previous level and thus gives an opportunity to learn something new, even for the aces in the industry.

How much capital do you need to start with?

The amount of money that you start with will depend on your own financial position and what you can allocate as spare investment. We recommend starting with $2,500 and scaling up as you get comfortable trading.

Can I view the courses anytime, anywhere?

Yes, you can. The courses are designed with the most sophisticated platform and offer an on demand interactive learning experience. We recommend that you allocate 21 days to the education module but you may go at your own pace.

Can you make consistent money 2 hours a day in the markets?

Yes, you can. Our Strategy is designed to make the most amount of money during the best time to trade in the market. During the education process we will identify the best market conditions so that you you know when to trade and can maximize your returns. You will be encouraged to trade the first 2 hours at the open of the market.

Can I do this part time?

Absolutely. Whether you decide to do this part time or full time is totally up to you. Alpha7 students are doing this either for extra income, or have become so confident and profitable that they trade as their primary source of income. Our proudest  success story is a college student that completed the Alpha7 courses and was able to support himself through  college years after completing our trading courses.

Are other members finding success?

Yes, we have many members that are realizing success and actually had made trading their primary source of income. Here are the links to testimonials, reviews and what people are saying about us.

Can I get more personal help with my trading journey?

Yes, you can. Alpha7 offers a unique experience that is usually not available anywhere else. Our founder and educators are available for 1:1 education sessions, as well as mentoring sessions, to support you as you advance as a trader.

How many members does Alpha7 have?

Alpha7 has had the pleasure of educating  over 8,000 students in the past 7 years. Alpha7 had been very fortunate to educate students in the U.S. as well as many international students.

Are Alpha7’s methods proven to be consistent?

Yes, they are. The method and the strategy had proven to have a 74.9% success rate. In addition Jae Yu has been Forbes Best online for 4 years.