1. What is the Alpha 7 Trading Academy?

With trading education designed, developed & narrated by best-selling trading author, Jea Yu, The Alpha 7 Proprietary Trading Academy moves theory to actual practice by giving traders the ability to hone their trading and risk-management skills through one of the most intensive and well-renowned educational programs available for mastering the art of intraday trading. Jea boasted over 15 years of active participation in US Equities, Futures and Options Market and was voted Forbes Best of the Web for four consecutive years. Jea has Authored four best-sellers through Wiley Trading and McGraw-Hill with his latest book released in July 2013 by Bloomberg Press and John Wiley. Along with the wealth of information provided by Jea, the courses are specifically overseen and assessed by private-equity fund managers assuring you the most comprehensive and straight-forward approach to demonstrate your qualifications to some private-equity firms consistently on the lookout for talented traders.

  1. How is the program administered?

The program is administered electronically via a state-of-the-art Online Learning Management System (LMS) – allowing you to complete your training at your pace and convenience. The LMS software application allows our instructors to administer online training courses. Along with creating, managing and delivering, our instructors can also track the progress of our students by accessing detailed reports & statistics that LMS Software provides ensuring uniformity & continuity in learning and training.

  1. What is your trading style?

We teach a short-term/long-term trend and momentum strategy that includes reversals and fades for equities, ETFs, and options that work in all time intervals. Most of the trades are done during wet climate conditions (high volatility and excellent follow through), so a position does not stay on for long; However, out trading styles allow you to participate in all market conditions or when a burst of momentum may occur in a particular stock or market.

  1. Can you teach me how to trade stocks?

Yes, we can. That is our job!  All students are provided access to live webinars and group sessions with Jea Yu as well as recorded classes, quizzes, assignments, certification exams, and  1-on-1 coaching opportunities. We can teach you how to be a profitable and consistent trader in all market conditions, feel free to email


  1. How much does the program cost?

Level 1 – Foundations of Intraday Trading – Retail Value: $497.00 USD

Level 2 – Active Intraday Trading Course – Retail Value: $2497.00 USD

Level 3 – Advanced Strategies – Retail Value: $2997.00 USD

Level 4 – Professional Trader – Retail Value: $3997.00 USD

There are advanced courses after the main courses available priced at $1397.00 USD each

  1. How do I participate in the program?

The distinct program boasts unique features such as digitally recorded e-learning content; articles; documents & media; online tests and quizzes as well as automated grading and certification so you can learn at your convenience and your own pace. Access your training portal anytime & anywhere across different devices such as your PC, tablet or mobile phone. Perfect your strategy on our exclusive real-time simulated trading offered.

  1. Are your programs suitable for beginners, experienced traders or both?

Whether you beginner or an experienced trader, the Alpha 7 Trading Academy has a training program to suit your needs. As a beginner, having little to no experience and habits can help you start off on the right foot and receive the proper care and attention needed, accelerating your learning curve exponentially.

On top of that, experienced traders will also benefit from deep immersion and insight into a risk-management protocol, chart-patterns, advanced fundamentals and more. Live Support is available to assist you via Phone, Email, Skype or Instant Message.  Both beginners and experienced traders received the personalized attention they need to learn.

  1. What makes the Alpha 7 Trading Academy unique?

Most education firms do not have reputable sources creating/teaching their education or the right technology to support remote students. Our courses were designed by the best-selling trading author, Jea Yu who has over 15 years of active participation in US Equities, Futures and Options Markets. Jea has been Voted Forbes Best of the Web for four consecutive years as well authored four best sellers through Wiley Trading and McGraw-Hill with his latest book released in July 2013 by Bloomberg Press and John Wiley.

Each of our courses includes 15 – 20 hours of highly-interactive video along with countless hours of documents, and assignments.  Chapter overview quizzes help you isolate your weak points and focus on correction commonly-made errors.  Optional homework assignments (reviewed and graded by experienced traders) help facilitate what you learned by implementing theory into practice.

9. Is Alpha7 a brokerage firm?

No. Alpha 7 Trading Academy is a private proprietary-trading education firm. Alpha 7 has partnered with industry-leading technology organizations providing our traders with advanced software, educational resources, state-of-the-art online educational facilities and comprehensive live risk-management support. Unlike most proprietary trading courses, Alpha 7 provides a comprehensive proprietary LMS (educational learning system) to provide you the support you need to beat the learning curve. Because we are not a brokerage firm, we frown upon industry’s status-quo of “churning” traders and actively discourage high-frequency trading which typically generates lots of commissions for the brokerage while putting retail traders at a disadvantage.

10. What is the refund policy?

RETURN POLICY: All payments made through this system constitute a final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.


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