Well Guys and Gals,

My first full week back with you guys, and I am really pumped. I am still waiting for my new autonomous desk set up which should be coming Wednesday. I think that’s when I’ll really feel at home lol

Anyways, I wanted to just do a quick session of the setups I found at 11:14 pm in Florida before tomorrow. So don’t expect much detail in explaining the setups.

Lastly, I found a lot of setups on the wider time frames, but I decided to only show the ones that I feel have the potential to initiate tomorrow. The closer the current price is to the potential entry price, the greater the chances of it triggering tomorrow.

Here we go!

IBM: Potential Weekly & Monthly Setup

WFM: Potential Daily, Weekly & Monthly Setup

HOG: Potential Weekly & Monthly Setup

WUBA: Potential Weekly Setup

AKS: Potential Weekly & Monthly Setup

That’s about it. I really like the AKS setup since it’s been active from the previous week. Let’s talk about these in the room tomorrow. Also, bring your own setups to show and tell! =)