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Trading Student
“what I was really happy about was that Level I education took me back to square one, to ground zero, to kind of tear down what I already knew and rebuild on it to kind of enforce and start me from the ground up”         
Trading Student
“I was impressed with the presentation, the videos and the powerpoints they gave me. It was just awesome presentation. I also like that I was able to call them… It is go at your pace, self learning, but with self learning you are not alone out there.”
Trading Student
“I am a financial advisor… the courses are by Jea Yu who has decades of experience… Looking at this course I decided that I needed some additional trading. I found it extremely enlightening. Its not just about the tools and the charts, but your mindset”
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100% Financing
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Career Assistance
Career Assistance
Upon completion of our intensive online trading courses, our highly-experienced and well-recognized staff will assist you in finding the right firm through our wide variety of affiliated trading brokers, private equity and proprietary trading firm partners.
Career Assistance
One-on-One Coaching
Our intensive trading programs meet you at your level & include media, quizzes, assignments & more! During your personal coaching sessions, we solidify the concepts in the education and make sure you are ready to apply them in the real market.

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